Is it possible to earn on bets?

how to win at gambling

Starting to earn money steadily by betting on sports is the goal of every player who begins to regularly bet on bookmaker sites. However, if the player is really successful, he may feel that the bookmaker simply will not allow him to get more than a certain amount, starting to repair various obstacles. How much can you really win at a bookmaker?

How do bookmakers limit the possibilities of players?

The most common method is to close the account. In this case, the player is accused of dishonest play and, based on the rules established by the bookmaker himself, his deposit is blocked.

Another common option is cutting the highs. The bettor is subject to restrictions on the size of the maximum bet, for example, $1,000. Of course, in this situation, earning at least a little becomes simply unrealistic.

So that you do not cut the maximums, we can recommend playing a fair game from the point of view of the bookmaker. This means betting on top championships, avoiding dubious second leagues, where match-fixing regularly happens, surebets, bets on odds calculated by the office by mistake.

In this case, the player will be of interest to the bookmaker, loyalty to him will be an order of magnitude higher, the maximums may not be cut at all, even if the earnings are regular, amounting to 20-30% of the bank.

Earn money with paid forecasts from professionals

The easiest way to make money on bets is to bet on forecasts. Cappers can be found anywhere: on thematic sites, in social networks.After analyzing the quality of the forecasts provided, user reviews, reputation, you can move on to betting on money. Often cappers provide free forecasts and paid subscriptions.

The strategy will burn out if you can find a conscientious forecaster. Analyst J. Buchdal in the period from 2001 to 2011 was engaged in the study of forecasts. For the study, he took the forecasts of 120 experts. To begin with, Buchdal analyzed the previous achievements of cappers. Based on 24,725 forecasts, the profit was 17.4%. The analyst then studied another 90,451 predictions. The results were even more hopeless – 1.1%.

Finding an honest capper is more difficult than analyzing a sporting event with your own hands. But if you have the desire and free funds, you will find a professional forecaster.

Value sports betting

Such bets also appear due to the mistakes of bookmakers. Value or value bet is an outcome underestimated by the bookmaker. The result is a mathematical advantage over the line. After a while, the coefficient sags due to bettors’ loads.

Experienced bettors find values ​​using specialized software that analyzes bookmaker lines and finds underestimated outcomes.

Some bettors prefer to catch up, others prefer to put down the pot. Flat is the solution for such bets. It is recommended to use Miller’s principles of financial management. That is, from 0.5 to 5% of the bankroll is put down. As the pot grows, the bet also increases.

Earnings on arbs

“Arbs” is an arbitrage situation in which bookmakers make mistakes in the line. In this case, there is an option to bet on opposite outcomes in different offices, which will bring profit in any outcome. Each bookmaker seeks to provide bettors with the most favorable conditions, and therefore often incorrectly assesses the chances of outcomes or simply makes mistakes. In these cases, the “arber” comes into play, who makes bets on mutually exclusive outcomes and remains in the black.

This method is regarded by bookmakers as a scam. To earn money, the “arber” will have to bet large amounts, which is also unsafe. Bookmakers are seriously struggling with such players.

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